Saturday, September 10, 2011

Football Field Fail

**If you have sensitive ears, please excuse the curse word at the end of the video.  The video is better with the end 10 seconds included.

I had to put this video up.  This is from about a week ago back in NJ right before Sadie and I came back out to Venice.  What you don't see at the end of the video is what happened to my hands.  I can be kind of an idiot when it comes to working out, so it will probably come to no surprise to some of you that I injured myself during this little feat of strength.
This field is a brand new state of the art turf field.  Gorgeous for playing football on, but not so much for walking on your hands in 90 degree weather.  Instead of dirt the field is covered in these little rubber pellets that heat up to temps rivaling that of the center of the sun. To me this meant nothing.  I walked...and walked, slowly noticing that my hands were feeling a little hot about half way through.  In my mind the only thing that mattered was making it across and with Sadie cheering me on the whole way, I thought I had it.
After falling at the 99 yard line, I looked at my hands and saw that the skin on my palms had turned to something that resembled melted cheese.  Absolutely awful!!  I now have the two blisters on my hands the size of tennis balls.  And yes, it gets more disgusting.  They filled with fluid and for whatever reason had little white particles in them.  They looked like two snow globes in my hands for a few days.
My hands have since de-liquified and they are getting back to normal, but hey, at least I got a good video out of it.

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