Sunday, October 9, 2011

Private Royal Performance!

Hey everyone, 
  We had an unexpected special guest show up at the pavilion today to watch both Sadie and my performance.  Prince Albert of Monaco!!  He showed up with his entourage while I was performing, so Sadie, having just completed her performance, got right back up and did a second personal show for the Prince.  When I completed my first run, I barely had a second to catch my breath before getting back up for the second.  We had to close down the US Pavilion for all visitors while he was inside, which was a first.  His personal security was intimidating, but they, along with the rest of his crew were all very gracious.  
   He is a great patron of the arts and it was incredibly honor to have him watch us both.  He loved the performances and even took some time to speak with us afterwards.  
   Another amazing experience for both of us!!!

Prince Albert of Monaco!!

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  1. That's amazing guys! Have a great and successful remainder of the exhibition. And thanks for sharing!